Luxury Class Limousines

Luxury Class Limousines

1-3 People 1-2 Luggage +Handgepäck Langversion Panoramadach

Mercedes S-Class L (W223)

Enjoy the exclusive and unforgettable driving service for any occasion in one of our extravagant S-Classes!

Brand-new, fully equipped luxury sedans with a wealth of extras leave nothing to be desired – in a class of their own. Enjoy an unparalleled travel experience.

luxury class

Enjoy the exclusive and unforgettable driving service for any occasion!

Our fleet of Luxury Class – Mercedes Benz S-Class W222 limousines as well as our first-class chauffeurs guarantee you the highest level of quality and performance.

You arrive with your private jet and need an airport transfer – you will be met by our chauffeur directly at the tarmac of the GAT (General Aviation Terminal) and driven to the destinations of your choice.

You can prepare for your meetings, make phone calls and review your documents in peace while you drive, making effective use of your driving time.

Due to the exclusive equipment of Luxury Class limousines, they are also ideal for comfortable, longer transfer routes and for stays of several days with various shuttle and standby requirements.

You are very welcome to rent / hire our luxury Mercedes S-Class Langverion (W223) for your guests, customers and business partners. Below you will find photos as well as a listing of the special features of our Luxury-Class Limousines.