VIP service for delegations and state visits

VIP service for delegations

20 years of experience - 150 vehicles - full service support

VIP service for delegations and state visits

We offer comprehensive support for delegations and during state visits, with nearly 20 years of experience.
For delegation support we have a professional team of multilingual chauffeurs, attendants and experienced interpreters.
For planning and execution, our experts naturally have all live data on arrival times, blocking and switching times, traffic data and GPS data available in each individual limousine.


Full service support for delegations

We provide delegation care at the highest level.

A highly professional team is available to take care of politicians, state officials or delegation members and their escorts, taking care of all their needs.

Of course, we provide our customers with multilingual experts and, if necessary, even translators to perfectly serve all wishes and requirements.

Our comfortable luxury limousines, vans, minibuses and other delegation vehicles correspond to the luxury & premium class (Mercedes, Maybach, Audi, BMW) in the latest generation and can of course be located at any time – for a perfect and punctual execution and support.

  • Latest luxury limousines, vans and buses
  • delegation vehicles of the latest design for 1-3, 8, 16/18/20, 30 to 65 persons
  • multilingual support
  • All kilometers of the trip included
  • all inclusive prices
  • Licensed English and German speaking chauffeurs
  • Certified and specially trained driving and safety skills
  • Driving detail changes up to max. 2 times free of charge
  • Cancellations for limousines and minivans are free up to 24 hours before the trip

Limousine and Chauffeur service for delegation

Our vehicles for delegations

luxury limousines

till 3 persons

VIP Vans

VIP Vans
up to 6 people

Luxury minibuses

Luxury minibuses
up to 18 people

Luxury Buses

VIP Liner / Luxury Buses
up to 55 people


Our service for delegations

Our full service support for delegations includes highly specialized and exclusive chauffeur and limousine service,
which focuses on the needs of diplomats, politicians and high-level delegations. Our services include:

Transfers to consulates or embassies: Bavaria Limousines offers safe and comfortable transportation of diplomats to the respective consulates or embassies.

Transportation of diplomats to political events: This includes the transportation of diplomats to various political events, conferences and meetings, such as the Munich Security Conference MSC in Munich.

Participation in international summits such as G7: Our services also extend to support at major international summits, which can be an extremely challenging task, especially in logistics and coordination with international security teams.

Transportation to Foreign Ministers Meetings: This is the transportation & transfers of diplomats and policy makers to foreign ministers meetings and similar high level international events. Partially security-endangered VVIP’s are protected by us if necessary also additionally by personal protection.

Politician tours to election events: We provide politicians with comfortable and safe transportation to election campaign events, often in VIP buses that include the press staff.

Heads of state, royalty and their families: The Saudi royal family, the Thai king, and other guests of equal rank have been among our guests several times in the last 2 decades, so our drivers are also well trained in dealing with such clientele and will never leave a wish unfulfilled.

Our focus on VIP vehicles and first-class service is of great importance in this area, as the safety and well-being of high-ranking personalities are of the highest priority. Its services help ensure the mobility and comfort of delegations and political guests, which is crucial in diplomacy and politics.


Your advantages

When you book with Bavaria Limousines, you know what to expect: Maximum safety, perfect service, no surprises, the greatest flexibility and fair prices.

Free waiting time

  • Airport pickups included 45 minutes free waiting time
  • Private jet GAT pickups including 30 minutes free waiting time
  • All other pickups include 15 minutes of free waiting time
  • Full details of the chauffeur (name + tel. no.) 24 hours in advance
  • Free VIP Meet & Greet Service

Fixed prices

  • No hidden costs, prices flat rate
  • Reduced prices via online price calculator
  • No holiday or weekend bonuses
  • No night surcharges
  • Fixed prices without hidden costs
  • All driven km included
  • Multilingual drivers without extra charge

Experienced drivers

  • Professional, licensed, local, English & German speaking drivers
  • Certified and specially trained driving and safety skills
  • Dressed in black suits, white shirts, red ties
  • Excellent knowledge of all city streets to ensure a reliable, comfortable and safe ride

No cancellation fees

  • Plan changes ? No problem ! With Bavaria Limousines you can change addresses, history, pickup times, vehicle categories, up to 2 times for free
  • All cancellations & changes for limousines and minivans are free of charge up to 24 hours before the trip
  • For events and multi-day trips, different cancellation fees apply GTC!