Chauffeur Service and VIP Chauffeur Service for Munich and all over Germany

Chauffeur Service

Munich and all of Germany

Chauffeur Service and VIP Chauffeur Service for Munich and all over Germany

When you book our chauffeur service with Bavaria Limousines, you know what to expect:
Maximum safety, perfect service, the greatest flexibility, no surprises and fair prices.
An all-around pleasant and comfortable service of the premium class.


Premium class chauffeur service

Transfers, tours and also travel you experience with us at the highest level. You will be brought to your destination safely, reliably and relaxed by our experienced chauffeurs in the latest models of our luxury limousines and premium vans.

Our drivers are specially trained, multilingual (min. German and English) and discreet. Perfect manners and a pleasant appearance are a matter of course.
Our modern business & premium limousines, luxury vans and VIP buses are fully equipped, correspond to the premium segment and leave nothing to be desired.

You relax and enjoy our chauffeur service. We will take care of the rest.

  • incl. 45 minutes free waiting time at the airport from actual landing (ATA)
  • Prvat Jet GAT Terminal 30 minutes free waiting time from expected time of landing (ETA)
  • Elsewhere: individual pick up, hotel, train station etc. 15 minutes free waiting time.
  • No hidden costs
  • All kilometers of the trip included
  • Licensed German & English speaking drivers
  • Certified and specially trained driving and safety skills
  • Driving detail changes up to max. 2 times free of charge
  • Cancellations for limousines and minivans are free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the trip

Premium class chauffeur service - professional, discreet, VIP trained and multilingual

Chauffeur service for the highest demands
Perfect ride. Perfect appearance. Perfect time.

Business, event, tour, travel or transfer – we will drive you at the highest level and have been doing so for 20 years.
We will pick you, your guests and business clients or VIPs from any desired location and bring you to your destination safely, on time, comfortably and rested.
Are you planning larger events? We are at your side for the complete planning, support and implementation.
For the perfect transfer and the perfect appearance at the destination – trust in our experience.

Our luxury limousines, VIP vans and VIP liners of the premium class

The fleet of our chauffeur service has more than 150 vehicles of the absolute premium class.
You get the top models of the latest series in full equipment or luxury equipment and younger than 36 months.

Chauffeur service for business transfers

Airport transfers, trade show transfers, hotel transfers or complete assistance during your business stay. Perfectly relaxed and luxurious to the perfect appearance.
Whether short trips or 24/7 care with all additional trips, such as shopping, sightseeing or excursion,
Culture, evening trips to restaurants, clubs or events. Enjoy a stay.
We are here for you.


Chauffeur service as airport transfer, GAT or private jet service

Taxiway – Collection

We organize the exclusive VIP shuttle service directly to and from your flight or directly to the aircraft.

Chauffeur service - personal reception by the chauffeur

Received personally

Your chauffeur will be waiting for you with a personalized pick-up sign. Please ask for further services.

Chauffeur service - personal reception at the VIP Wing

VIP Wing pick up

Our chauffeurs will be happy to pick you up personally at the VIP Wing of your destination airport. We have all the information live and are accordingly on time on site.

Chauffeur service - personal care including luggage service

Suitcase service & concierge

Of course, our chauffeur will take care of your luggage and will be at your disposal for all your needs. E.g. check-in service at the hotel etc.

Chauffeur service for organizers

Are you planning a gala, event, corporate function, in-house exhibition?
We will help you with all transfers incl. Planning, execution and support of your guests and VIP guests. Whether you are an individual, a small group or a large group, we have premium vehicles ranging from limousines to vans and minibuses to large coach-sized luxury liners. With the service of Bavaria Limousines you will convince, impress and pamper your guests and business clients already during the journey or arrival. Via GPS and flight tracking, you, we and our drivers have an overview of all trips at all times.

Chauffeur service for travelers or your business trip

You are planning a larger tour or trip to several places in Germany or all over Europe.
We will be happy to drive you and provide excellent support – before and during the trip.


Chauffeur service for luxury and diamond class transfers

Take a seat in the most beautiful and noble limousines and enjoy the tranquility and luxurious and comfortable interior. Noble materials, the best workmanship and 100% cleanliness surround you in our VIP limousines through to our VIP liners. The chauffeur takes care of everything and the blacked-out windows ensure your privacy. On request, of course, we have limousines with separator to the chauffeur, so you can enjoy the ride or the trip completely undisturbed.

Interior exemplary for first class and luxury class

Interior passenger compartment of luxury minibus

Interior passenger area in VIP liner

Interior passenger area in the diamond class limousine

Over 150 vehicles

Luxury limousines

till 3 persons

VIP vans

VIP Vans
up to 6 people

Luxury minibuses VIP Sprinter

Luxury minibuses
up to 18 people

VIP Liner luxury buses

VIP Liner / Luxury Buses
up to 65 people


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Chauffeur Service

Our employees speak:
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The advantages of a commercial chauffeur service in Germany are manifold

A reliable chauffeur service is an indispensable service for business travelers, tourists and anyone who values comfort, safety and style. A wide range of commercial and professional chauffeur services are available throughout Germany, characterized by the highest quality and first-class customer service.

The professional chauffeurs in Germany are not only drivers, but also hosts on wheels. They are highly trained, polite and discreet. Their job is not only to get you to your destination safely and on time, but also to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed during the ride. Whether you are traveling in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne or any other German city, a first-class chauffeur service is always on hand to meet your transportation needs.

Safety: The chauffeurs have extensive experience and knowledge of road traffic, which ensures your safety. They know the best routes and can react appropriately to unforeseen situations.


Flexibility: Chauffeur services are extremely flexible and adapt to your individual needs. Whether you need a one-way ride to the airport, are planning a sightseeing tour, or are going on a multi-day business trip, a chauffeur is at your service.

Comfort: The vehicles used for commercial chauffeur services are first class and comfortable. They offer plenty of space, top-notch features and amenities to make your ride as comfortable as possible.


Discretion: Discretion and confidentiality are top priorities for commercial chauffeur services. Your personal information and business matters remain private and secure.

Punctuality: Punctuality is crucial, especially for business travelers. Chauffeur services in Germany are known for their reliability and punctuality. You can count on arriving on time.


Local knowledge: Chauffeurs are often knowledgeable about the area and can give you recommendations for restaurants, sights and activities. They are your personal guide in the city.

Why book Bavaria Limousines?

Considering the variety of commercial chauffeur services that cover different needs and budgets, you should blindly trust Bavaria Limousines Chauffeur Service’s 20 years of expertise and experience. From luxury vehicles for special occasions to limousines and minibuses for group travel, as well as celebrities, VIPS, bankers, royalty, stars, athletes, we have been able to gather a wealth of experience with over 20 – 30,000 vehicle movements per year throughout Germany, with the highest level of service, which we are happy to pass on to you or your customers.

Conclusion: A commercial and professional chauffeur service that operates throughout Germany and all major European cities, like Bavaria Limousines, always provides first-class transportation with comfort, safety and style. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, a chauffeur service is the ideal choice for discerning travelers who want to enjoy their ride to the fullest.


Our fleet and chauffeurs

Premium class sedans, vans and buses

Our limousine service has more than 150 vehicles of the respective top models in full or luxury equipment. All vehicles are younger than 36 months.

Choose from our fleet of vehicles in the booking module to suit your wishes, for example for limousines from the classes Business-Class Limousine, First-Class Limousine, Luxury-Class Limousine, Diamond-Class Limousine and SUV-Class.

Our chauffeurs – professional and tested

Our drivers or chauffeurs are specially trained for VIP care and are regularly trained and tested.
Restraint, polite manners, friendliness and discretion are a matter of course for us.

Language skills: Our drivers are multilingual (min. English). If you need other languages, please contact us.

All-round service – in Munich and every metropolis in Germany

We offer full service in Munich and any city in Germany. Every chauffeur is trained to make every trip, every booking as pleasant as possible, whether it is a short trip to the airport, to the fair, to the hotel, to the city or the surrounding area, sightseeing to all the sights or shopping tours – including. Return trip. You have to go to appointments urgently? We have all the information about the traffic situation and arrival and departure times at the airport and main train station.

Book premium class services and comfort with our extensive fleet and professional chauffeur service.


Your advantages

Free waiting time

  • Airport pickups included 45 minutes free waiting time
  • Private jet GAT pickups including 30 minutes free waiting time
  • All other pickups include 15 minutes of free waiting time
  • Full details of the chauffeur (name + tel. no.) 24 hours in advance
  • Free VIP Meet & Greet Service

Fixed prices

  • No hidden costs, prices flat rate
  • Reduced prices via online price calculator
  • No holiday or weekend bonuses
  • No night surcharges
  • Fixed prices without hidden costs
  • All driven km included
  • Multilingual drivers without extra charge

Experienced drivers

  • Professional, licensed, local, German & English speaking drivers
  • Certified and specially trained driving and safety skills
  • Dressed in black suits, white shirts, red ties
  • Excellent knowledge of all city streets to ensure a reliable, comfortable and safe ride

No cancellation fees

  • Plan changes ? No problem ! With Bavaria Limousines you can change addresses, history, pickup times, vehicle categories, up to 2 times for free
  • All cancellations & changes for limousines and minivans are free of charge up to 24 hours before the trip
  • For events and multi-day trips, different cancellation fees apply GTC!

contact to reservation center of Chauffeurservice

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Chauffeur Service

Our employees speak:
German | English | Russian

Phone +498955274891

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FAQs about our VIP Chauffeur Service

How long has your VIP chauffeur service been available?

VIP guests have been using our VIP chauffeur service for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to talk much about it, but we were allowed to drive many stars and other high-ranking personalities. You will find some top-class references on our pages.

How much experience does the chauffeur service have in VIP handling?

For over 20 years we have been driving and servicing VIPs – both short-haul and on trips throughout Europe. World stars, top athletes, corporate executives and other VIPs are in the best hands in our limousines and with our chauffeurs. Promised.

Why do VIPs use our chauffeur service?

Our VIP chauffeur service offers you the most comfortable, luxurious and stress-free way of transfer. Especially for openings, gala events, film festivals, concerts, charity events, airport transfers or private occasions we offer our premium class VIP chauffeur service.

The comfort of a VIP chauffeur service starts as soon as you get in. Your guests will be professionally picked up by our trained drivers at the agreed place and time. The driver is at your disposal as a contact person during the whole trip. Our chauffeurs are informed live about delays, traffic obstructions or even flight delays.

Another advantage is the comfort offered by our VIP chauffeur service luxury limousines. These are spacious and have air conditioning and all the amenities you need to stay comfortable during your trip. In addition, you can also benefit from the numerous extras that the VIP chauffeur service offers – such as free Wi-Fi.

Another reason for choosing VIP chauffeur service is the safety of the vehicle and the driver. Our VIP service works only with qualified drivers who are regularly trained and tested to ensure a perfect process.

In addition, all limousines are regularly inspected and are subject to the strictest safety standards – so you can be sure that you will always reach your destination safely.

To make it short: Our VIP chauffeur service is always worth it. With the luxurious comfort, high safety standards and perfectly trained chauffeurs, you will always have a perfect ride – in Munich as well as all over Germany.

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