Film vehicles: limousines for filming, photo shoots, film and television shoots

Personnel & vehicle rental for film productions

Limousines - VIP Vans - Minibuses - Luxury Buses

Film vehicles: limousines for filming, photo shoots, film and television shoots

Staff & vehicle rental for film productions: Perfect staging of luxury and VIP vehicles to Movie & TV shooting.

Film productions, especially television productions, often require a variety of resources to achieve the desired atmosphere and visual impact. A crucial component in this process is the provision of suitable vehicles, whether for actors, stunt sequences or as props. Especially in productions that emphasize the luxury and VIP status of characters or storylines, the selection and staging of vehicles is crucial. This is where personnel and vehicle rental comes into play for film productions to ensure perfect staging.


Film limousines for film, photo and advertising

With over 150 vehicles, we are sure to have the right luxury limousines, vans and minibuses for your film production or photo shoot.

Bavaria Limousines assists you in finding noble, fine, classy film vehicles and limousines to use in your production?

Exactly for this we have the appropriate vehicles of the luxury class of the brands Mercedes, BMW, Audi.

Feel free to use our film vehicles/film limousines and, if you wish, our driver service. Our drivers are experienced in film production and photo shooting and can assist you professionally in your work.

  • exclusive VIP vehicles for TV, film and advertising
  • Chauffeurs with experience in filming, commercials, documentaries, reports
  • incl. 45 minutes free waiting time at the airport from actual landing (ATA)
  • Prvat Jet GAT Terminal 30 minutes free waiting time from expected time of landing (ETA)
  • Elsewhere: individual pick up, hotel, train station etc. 15 minutes free waiting time.
  • No hidden costs
  • All kilometers of the trip included
  • Licensed German & English speaking drivers
  • Certified and specially trained driving and safety skills
  • Driving detail changes up to max. 2 times free of charge
  • Cancellations for limousines and minivans are free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the trip

Limousine at filming, filming, film limousine Mercedes, luxury limousine at film studio, photo studio

Noble film vehicles / film limousines for hire from Bavaria Limousines

We will gladly and professionally support you with your film project, shooting, photo shoot and advertising productions.
With 20 years of experience, we know exactly how to best support you.
Rely on our service, our fleet of over 150 film vehicles and our professional drivers.

More than 80 black noble limousines for shooting

In the field of limousines our focus is on modern, noble, black luxury – limousines
of the brands Maybach, Mercedes, BMW and Audi of the newest series – usually not older than 24 months and with top equipment,
if you also film or photograph inside the vehicle (fine woods, leather interior, on-board bar… ).
Of course, our film vehicles are top maintained, top serviced and perfectly cleaned so that your film or photo project can run smoothly.

More than 70 black luxury – vans, minibuses and
Buses for film productions and photo shoots

Are you looking for larger film vehicles, such as vans, minibuses and luxury liners in bus format we can help you.
We have an extensive fleet of more than 70 vehicles.
Almost all painted black on the outside and full interior with leather trim and much more.
Of course, these noble film vehicles are also of the latest generation, top maintained, top serviced and perfectly cleaned.

Chauffeurs for film productions and photo shoots

You are welcome to hire experienced and professional drivers from us.
Our drivers are multilingual and trained and experienced in handling luxury vehicles.

Our premium – film vehicles, limousines and buses

Luxury limousines for filming

Film – Limousines
till 3 persons

fil vehicles vip vans

Vans for filming
up to 6 people

film vehicles luxury minibus

up to 12 people

film vehicles luxury buses

Luxury liner
up to 60 people


Perfect all-round service from a professional

Staging luxury and VIP vehicles on TV shoots requires careful planning and implementation to meet production requirements. Here are some steps involved in deploying and staging such vehicles:

Vehicle selection: Selecting the right vehicles is of utmost importance. They must not only fit the plot and characters, but also convey the desired luxury and glamour. Sedans, sports cars, luxury SUVs or even classic vintage cars can be considered, depending on the requirements of the story.

Staging: The placement and staging of the vehicles on location is crucial for the visual impact. This can include choosing the right background, arrangement of vehicles and lighting to achieve the desired luxury and VIP look.

Provision and maintenance: The vehicles must be in perfect condition, both externally and technically. This requires thorough maintenance and care to ensure that they function properly during filming.

Safety and insurance:
During stunt sequences or dangerous filming, safety is paramount. Vehicles must be operated and secured safely to prevent accidents.

Transport and logistics: The transport of the vehicles to the filming location must be smooth and professional. This may require the use of special vehicles and personnel to ensure that the vehicles arrive on set undamaged.

Coordination with the film crew: Close collaboration with the director, set designer and camera crew is essential to ensure that the staging of the vehicles fits perfectly with the storyline and achieves the desired visual impact.

Book our film vehicles with all the benefits:

The perfect staging of luxury and VIP vehicles on TV shoots therefore requires expertise and experience in the field of personnel and vehicle rental. The right selection, care and staging of vehicles play a key role in shaping the atmosphere and success of a production and immersing the audience in the world of the characters. A professional staffing and vehicle rental company can ensure that this aspect of the production runs smoothly and perfectly showcases the glamour and luxury you desire.


Your advantages

When you book with Bavaria Limousines, you know what to expect: Maximum safety, perfect service, no surprises, the greatest flexibility and fair prices.

Free waiting time

  • Airport pickups included 45 minutes free waiting time
  • Private jet GAT pickups including 30 minutes free waiting time
  • All other pickups include 15 minutes of free waiting time
  • Full details of the chauffeur (name + tel. no.) 24 hours in advance
  • Free VIP Meet & Greet Service

Fixed prices

  • No hidden costs, prices flat rate
  • Reduced prices via online price calculator
  • No holiday or weekend bonuses
  • No night surcharges
  • Fixed prices without hidden costs
  • All driven km included
  • Multilingual drivers without extra charge

Experienced drivers

  • Professional, licensed, local, English & German speaking drivers
  • Certified and specially trained driving and safety skills
  • Dressed in black suits, white shirts, red ties
  • Excellent knowledge of all city streets to ensure a reliable, comfortable and safe ride

No cancellation fees

  • Plan changes ? No problem ! With Bavaria Limousines you can change addresses, history, pickup times, vehicle categories, up to 2 times for free
  • All cancellations & changes for limousines and minivans are free of charge up to 24 hours before the trip
  • For events and multi-day trips, different cancellation fees apply GTC!

General information about our film vehicles

If you are looking for a suitable limousine for your next filming, shooting, photo shoots or advertising productions, then you have come to the right place.

We offer a wide range of first-class luxury or premium limousines of the brands Maybach, Mercedes, BMW and Audi, which may be perfect for your needs. In addition, VIP vans, luxury minibuses and VIP liners of the brands Mercedes and Setra.
All film vehicles are painted black or dark anthracite on the outside. Exceptions gladly request. The interior features are full equipment or the highest level “luxury equipment”.

Our vehicles are, of course, absolutely well-maintained and in immaculate, like-new condition to ensure that you can carry out your film or photo project without interruptions.

We know that every film project has different requirements, so we also offer customized solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect limo for your next film shoot or shoot.