Driving / shuttle service with branding

Car Branding Shuttle Service

Our entire fleet can be branded

Driving / shuttle service with branding

Your logo, your key visuals, your brand identity or a free design – on the newest and most luxurious limousines, VIP vans, luxury minibuses and VIP liners!
We offer you a perfect implementation of your appearance.

The shuttle service for your event

Your guests or business partners will be delighted.

With our event shuttles, we ensure that your event runs absolutely smoothly. Our limousines, VIP vans, minibuses and luxury buses / VIP liners with top equipment with specially trained drivers make all trips a premium class experience. Treat yourself and your guests/business partners to a carefree, smooth and luxurious event.

Our Premium Event Shuttles


Shuttle service for your event – your advantages with us

We have the right shuttle service for events and functions of all sizes. We offer you the choice of over 150 vehicles from our fleet including drivers and multilingual escorts.

Whether individuals, VIPs or whole companies – we plan all transfers with limousines, VIP vans, minibuses and luxury coaches / VIP liners in coach format.

Trust in our 20 years of experience, a very large fleet of the latest generation and a large team of trained, professional chauffeurs.

We at Bavaria Limousines would also be happy to advise your company on the production and purchase of individual company branding with your company logo.


  • Branded vehicles with foils or magnetic sign
  • Consulting and / or production of advertising stickers / magnetic foils with company logo
  • 1 to 65 people per vehicle
  • over 150 vehicles nationwide
  • with branding / lettering on request
  • No hidden costs
  • All kilometers of the trip included
  • Licensed German & English speaking drivers
  • Certified and specially trained driving and safety skills
  • Cancellations for limousines and minivans are free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the trip


Perfect event support with branded shuttle vehicles

Best care

A successful event requires not only thoughtful planning, but also the right care for your guests. If you’re looking for a unique way to make your event memorable, consider the option of event support with branded shuttle vehicles.

Brand presence and convenience

Branded shuttle vehicles are not only a convenient means of transportation for your guests, but also an effective way to showcase your brand or event theme. By placing your logo, slogan or design on the vehicles, your message will be present and make an impression throughout the journey.

Punctuality and safety

The punctuality and safety of your guests are of paramount importance. With branded shuttle vehicles, you can ensure that all attendees arrive at the venue safely and on time. Professional drivers ensure smooth operations and minimize the risk of delays or accidents.

Convenient transport

The use of shuttle vehicles offers additional comfort to your guests. You don’t have to worry about finding a parking space or public transportation. Instead, they can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as they become part of your event in a branded shuttle vehicle.

Flexibility and diversity

The variety of available shuttle vehicles allows you to choose the perfect option for your event. Whether you need a small minibus for an intimate event or a luxurious coach for a larger group, the selection of branded shuttle vehicles offers the flexibility you need.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

If you want to promote sustainability and environmental awareness, you can choose branded shuttle vehicles that use environmentally friendly propulsion methods such as electric or hybrid drives. This demonstrates your commitment to environmentally friendly solutions and helps reduce the environmental footprint of your event.


Event support with branded shuttle vehicles is a smart choice to take your event to the next level. They not only provide practical and convenient transportation, but also an effective way to showcase your brand or event theme. With punctual and safe rides, they ensure the satisfaction of your guests and contribute to a smooth process. Treat your guests to the best and make your event unforgettable with branded shuttle vehicles.


Our event shuttles in use

Event shuttle for private parties
We will drive you and your guests in
our limousines, minibuses and buses.

Event shuttles will pick up your guests and business partners at any location. Gladly also with branding of your company.

No matter how many guests you treat to our shuttle service, we have the right fleet.

With our event shuttle buses, up to 65 people can be brought to your event in one bus.