Limousine Service Paris

Limousine Service Paris

We will make your stay in Paris an unforgettable experience.

Paris is not only famous for the Eiffel Tower, but this beautiful city in France has more to offer travelers than just the Eiffel Tower. From the Musée d’Orsay to the Royal Gardens, from the Luxembourg Gardens to the world’s largest art collection at the Louvre, Paris is perfect for people looking for a mix of culture and history. Paris is the most visited city in France, and the reason is the famous Eiffel Tower that we all know. In addition to tourist destinations, Paris is also an important financial and political center of France. Paris is perfect for everyone, but also the most expensive city in the world. The usual cabs can cost you a fortune if you are only going to 3 or 4 destinations. To make your trip in Paris unforgettable and inexpensive, hire Bavaria Limousine Service.


Limousine service for Paris – day or night

If you book the service in advance, you will save yourself the hassle of travel service that you always need. In this technological age, no one wastes time hailing cabs on the side of the road. People are looking for low-cost options that can be rented through their phone or other online medium.

Leave aside the worry of renting, leave aside the worry of planning your tour, don’t need to call for a cab, leave aside the tension of parking!

We know the facilitation of travel in the most comfortable way and in the most comfortable car!!! We don’t want to waste your time searching for sights, our limousines and city tours are here for you to explore the beautiful city of Paris. Our chauffeurs are highly trained professionals with extensive knowledge of the area, saving you the time of planning the tour and hiring a travel service!!!

Are your family and friends visiting Paris? or do you want to attend important meetings and don’t know how to manage your time with your family?

Leave your family’s travel stresses to us with Bavaria Limousine Service! We offer an experienced chauffeur and limousine service that will take your family/friends to the best places while you attend to your important appointments.

If you have your car and need someone to drive you, we offer a simple chauffeur service that will be at your disposal at the time you choose.

We offer experienced chauffeurs who have years of experience in transportation to and from various destinations in Paris. They know the city very well, so your guests will not get lost in the city in any case. In fact, our professional drivers know the most convenient routes within the city, which makes our service more affordable for you!!!

Bavaria Limousine Service and Chauffeurservice is a complete package for a tour and travel service. From city tours to event transportation, from airport transfers to chauffeur services, from limousines to road shows, we have all the options for your unforgettable travel experience in Paris.

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Our chauffeur service in Paris for any occasion

You need an airport transfer or an A2B transfer in Paris. We provide them with the appropriate drivers and chauffeurs

Sightseeing chauffeur

Sit back and let your private chauffeur service show you all the sights in Paris. Our local drivers know all the hotspots of the city.

Airport transfer

No matter if at 05:00 in the morning or at 23:00 in the evening. Our Paris airport transfer will pick you up at the airport at any time and take you safely and comfortably to the destination of your choice.

Business Aviation

Our limousine service in Paris picks you up directly at the GAT or on the tarmac. Our luxury limousines and VIP chauffeurs are at your disposal around the clock.

Hour booking

You have several appointments in the city and need a chauffeur service that will be at your disposal for the entire period. We will be happy to provide you with the appropriate vehicle.